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#1 International Bestselling Business Author, Speaker, Coach and Founder of MDP Studio & The YOU Brand

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My name is Maria Pavlova, but you can call me Masha. I am a thought leader, innovator, speaker, and coach, as well as a multiple time #1 International Bestselling Business Author and Founder of MDP Studio and ESC by The You Brand.

I build processes to connect leaders, change-makers, and visionaries with high impact projects, funding, and resources necessary to solve pressing problems such as business sustainability, education, and housing in communities around the globe.

I have spoken on global stages such as Harvard University, bLUTalks, Los Angeles Tribune, The Better Your Business Show, Social Buzz, You Define Wellness and many more. Having recently submitted a chapter as a co-author with James Redfield and Ken Honda, I am excited to be a four time published author before the end of the year.  

A big believer in collaboration, I'm looking to provide those with the heart to serve everything they need to build the world we will all be proud of.

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- Masha Pavlova

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Seven years into running her first business, Masha’s health suddenly succumbed to illness, bringing everything to a screeching halt. Through mastering perseverance, she has since rebuilt her dreams from the ground up.

Having discovered the key to overcoming obstacles and achieving success, she is eager to share it with those seeking to create a better life for themselves and others, and perhaps even change the world!


1. Motivation to Results

2. Innovation in Leadership

3. Mission Driven Marketing

4. Sustainable Business Development

5. Communication and Conflict Resolution

Connect with our Projects


There are many projects in the works and ways to get involved! I am looking to partner with incredible humans and link resources to high impact projects.

Current key projects include:

• Housing

• Education

• Agriculture

I am on the look out for action takers, change makers, organizers, funders, and groups who are tackling these challenges both locally, as well as in communities around the globe.

Schedule a connect and let's find ways we can work together!

India Housing Project

A great example of our work is the current India Housing Project. We have met with an impact driven organization in India that is working directly with the government. Together, we are building low income housing in a high population are in Rajasthan. The current project is two buildings which house over 1,800 families.

We have created a relationship with a long term funding partner, as well as other local resources. Through working together, we not only will complete this project with zero debt, but also be able to have this be an ongoing opportunity to continue creating high impact work through these collaborations!

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Small businesses are the heart of our economy, yet they are so much more. Behind every business is brilliance, courage, innovation, family, and heart. It is an ordinary human who is doing something extraordinary, and if given the opportunity, could change their community and perhaps the world.

This is why everything we do is to assure small business owners have everything they need to achieve sustainable success in their business.

Entrepreneurial Success Consortium (ESC) is more than another accelerator program. We’re providing an opportunity for thousands of businesses to take part in a powerhouse program that will cover EVERYTHING your brand needs to see exponential growth.

Registered businesses who complete the program will gain the chance to receive a grant to help scale their business even further.

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MDP Studio works one-on-one with incredible humans to empower their vision, align them to their purpose, and celebrate who they truly are in their personal, family, and professional life.

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