MASHA “Ms. Yes I’ll take the leap” Pavlova

Upcoming TEDx Speaker, Three-Time #1 International Bestselling Author, Coach,

Founder of MDP Studio, Executive Director of 24-Hour PAUSE FOR PEACE

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My name is Maria Pavlova, but you can call me Masha. I am an upcoming TEDx Speaker, thought leader, innovator and coach, as well as a three-time #1 International Bestselling Business Author, Founder of MDP Studio and Executive Director of the 24-Hour Pause for Peace, working within PEAC Institute, an international NGO, along with a member of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize-winning team and other extraordinary, like-minded, beautiful individuals, our mission invites the whole world to witness a day where peace is not just a hope, but a reality.

My dream is to see both individuals and humanity as a whole succeed in their highest good, thriving from a place of mission with peace and ease. This becomes possible when we first shatter our ceilings of limitations and then build sustainable ecosystems around us to support and expand on our efforts.

I serve this dream through building processes to connect leaders, change-makers, and visionaries with high impact projects, funding, and resources necessary to solve pressing problems such as world peace, business sustainability, agriculture, education, and housing in communities around the globe.

A big believer in collaboration, I'm looking to provide those with the heart to serve everything they need to build the world we will all be proud of.

With gratitude,

- Masha Pavlova

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Book Masha to Speak at Your Next Event

Book Masha to speak at your next event!

Imagine transitioning from a complete health collapse to traveling to India and holding hands with His Holiness, The Dalai Lama. Continuously achieving the seemingly impossible in record time has earned me the title, Masha “Ms. Yes I’ll Take the Leap” Pavlova.

A young immigrant overcoming trauma, undiagnosed neurodiversity, and homelessness to become a successful entrepreneur was supposed to be my story. It seems like life, however, had something bigger in mind. Seven years into running my first business, my health suddenly succumbed to illness, bringing my life to a screeching halt. Through mastering perseverance, I have since been rebuilding my dreams from the ground up.

Having paved the way to overcoming obstacles, I am on a mission to guide heart-centered individuals to create personal, professional, and social change, working locally while thinking globally.


1. How to Shatter Your Glass Ceiling of Limitations

2. How to Harness the Impact of WIN-WIN-WIN Ecosystems

3. Replace the "Y" In Busyness: The Best Business Practices

4. Superhero Identities of Ordinary People: How to See Beyond the Disguise

5. One Choice Makes All The Difference: From Complete Health Collapse To Holding Hands With His Holiness


Global 24-Hour Pause for Peace:

A worldwide concert uniting hearts with music and love, guided by future generations.

“Are you ready to experience a day full of positive energy, uplifting music, and the chance to connect with others worldwide? Let’s plan a perfect day without hatred and violence, that will fill you with hope for humanity’s future and leave you inspired to be a part of it!”

- PEAC Institute Team

Learn more by visiting:

In December 2023, a group of seven of us joined forces with the esteemed PEAC Institute, along with a member of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize-winning team, embarking on a collective journey towards a world free from suffering and violence.

The 24-Hour Pause for Peace is the first step towards making peace an everyday reality. On October 4, 2025, youth from over 96 countries/ 50% world countries will come together in an orchestra of peace, showcasing a 24-hour musical experience that speaks the language of unity and love.

We want to see people in over 146 countries/ 75% world countries sign a global petition demanding a 24-hour ceasefire to see a Pause for Peace during this event.

Join us at the forefront of history as we change the course of the world and remind ourselves what humanity can do when we come together!


Fractional Executive, Coaching, Photography

Fractional Executive

Chief Executive | Chief Strategy | Chief Marketing

Consider This...

What if exponential growth in your organization could happen as a result of minimizing risk and simplifying your efforts?

Progress Is Impossible Without Change

The culture of endless efforts of "planting the seeds for the next generation" is a myth restricting and diverting us from the impact necessary today.

As a leader, my goal is to create a self-sufficient ecosystem which holds the vision and collapses the timeline bridging the gap of what's possible for your project. This approach maximizes connectivity of people both within and outside the organization to create powerful partnerships with staff, community, sponsors and partners.

I invite YOU to shatter the belief of "this is just how it goes" and see how close your mission really is.

Creative Solutions for Maximizing Your Mission

I support social impact businesses and non-profit organizations with the most effective, out of the box processes resulting in maximized team commitment, powerful lead-generating outreach and longterm partnership development.

Fractional Executive vs. Consultant

Bringing a fractional executive on board allows you to tap into the skillset and expertise of someone who is committed to your mission and vision without the extensive requirement and cost associated

with full time employment.

Bringing a fractional executive on board allows you to tap into the skillset and expertise of someone who is committed to your mission and vision without the extensive requirement and cost associated with full time employment.

Envision the Results

By hiring me as a fractional executive you can expect to fast-track your goals in engagement and impactful collaborations, public outreach to maximize social engagement, team sustainability through self-leadership culture, and exponential conversion of community buy-in.


Small Business | Strategy | Growth | Systems | Sustainability

Getting a coach has been the most impactful choice I have ever made in my life. It is the core reasons behind my ability to grow quickly, overcome all obstacles, and when I do fall, to not stay down for long. Since I have discovered coaching, I have built the support I needed around me based on where I was, where I wanted to go and how fast.

Having been in a space of both professional and personal growth for multiple decades, I am honored to be in a space where I can now turn around and provide the guidance to exceptional individuals who have a dream and a vision, as well as the burning desire to make it a reality.

My clients are the individuals who are already out there, putting in everything they've got into building their mission. What support looks like for them is recognizing and breaking through limiting beliefs, building their business in a tested framework, and breaking through all of the glass ceilings both in a mindset as well as the practical sense.

If you are on a mission and want to have a global impact, I would love to invite you to explore the possibilities of how far and how fast you can go, while not jeopardizing yourself in the process.


Branding | Portrait | Motherhood | Empowerment | Documentary

MDP Studio, established in 2012, has served as my creative outlet and opportunity to work one-on-one with incredible humans to empower their vision, align them to their purpose, and celebrate who they truly are in personal, family, and professional life.

For those in business... imagery provides powerful ways to communicate your brand and message with your ideal client. Speaking with your audience through imagery is one of the most assured ways to expand your following, engage your community, and attract more qualified leads.

For those yearning to connect... wether it's with yourself or your loved ones, the process I have developed guides you through the experience of self-discovery, embracing each of your beautiful facets, and celebrating your relationships. Capture the most precious of moments, turning them into legacy.

For those creating impact... you put so much heart into every aspect of your mission. Being able to ingrain it in history will not only record the impact you are making, it will also open doors to media, funding, and other resources to be poured onto your efforts. Let's growing your vision exponentially!


Books, Publications, Podcasts & Interviews

Podcasts and Talks

Be Brave and Be a Change Maker in the World

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